Riverview Childrens Foundation
Centre for Champions

AEE has established a rehabilitation centre in the town of Rwamagana, called the Centre for Champions. The main goal of the Centre is to take children and youths out of their hopeless lives on the streets or in desperately poor homes and give them a purpose in life, and the means to accomplish this purpose.

There are two aspects of education at the Centre. Catch-up schooling and vocational training. Where a child has not completed primary school education, they will be put into the appropriate level of the accelerated catch-up school program which covers the curriculum of primary school in 3 years. Once the child has completed this catch-up program, they will be equipped to do vocational training.

Project Goals
. To provide catch-up schooling and vocational training.
. To provide healthcare and psychological counselling
. To provide sports facilities to promote physical development and well being.
. To identify foster families for the children.

The Foundation is supporting the education of these children. There are currently 180 children living at the Centre. There is the capacity for many more children to come and reside at this facility, but funds are needed to enable AEE to accommodate more children.